Andrea Malanski

I am a Sweden-based designer focused in visual communication and narrative environments. I am interested in projects that allow me to combine my passions and skills: design and storytelling, analog and digital experiences, 2D and 3D environments, aesthetics and user experience.

I love the diversity of content and media in my design practice. Right now I am working on a mixed reality experience that includes VR, 3D printing and storytelling about an Egyptian mummy; on a gift packaging system for a cosmetic brand; on illustrated maps of neighborhoods of a big city in Brazil; and on digital strategy and content for social media for a lingerie brand.
Since 2015, I run my own design company. I have been working with multidisciplinary creative teams located in different countries for international clients. I develop projects in graphic design, retail design, experience design and exhibition design, with a strong focus on strategy and user experience. In some of these projects, in addition to the design role, I coordinate multidisciplinary teams. Prior experiences include many years as partner and creative direction in DMSBOX, a Brazilian design company where I developed projects for clients such as Renault, Volvo and Electrolux, among other big companies in Brazil.
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I hold a master degree in Design (HDK, Gothenburg University, Sweden) and I am currently writing my thesis for the master program in Digital Narration, Cultural Heritage and Game (Skövde University, Sweden).

I also hold a BA in Social Communication with specialisation in Advertising (Federal University of Paraná, Brazil) and a diploma in Industrial Design (Federal University of Technology of Paraná, Brazil).


‘Göteborgs slöjdförenings stipendiet - Prefektens val’ - HDK, Gothenburg University, June/2017

Designer of the year 2013 - Prêmio Colunistas Design Paraná  (this is an award granted every year to professionals from Paraná state, southern Brazil). In that year, my agency DMSBOX was awarded as the design company of the year and a project I have developed was also awarded with the grand prix of packaging.

POPAI Brazil - Gold Award in Store-in-Store Design 2013 for “Nativa SPA” retail design project;  Bronze Award in Store Design 2013 for “O Boticário” retail design project; Bronze Award in Store Design 2014 for “Petipolá” retail design project.